Generate the data specifying a flametree

  seed = 286,
  time = 6,
  scale = c(0.8, 0.9),
  angle = c(-10, 10, 20),
  split = 2,
  prune = 0



Integer-valued seed for the random number generator


Number of generations to run the iterative process


Vector of possible values for the "size rescaling" at each iteration


Vector of possible angle changes (in degrees) at each iteration


Maximum number of shoots to generate from each tip at each iteration


Probability with which a generated shoot is pruned


A tibble with the following columns: coord_x, coord_y, seg_deg, seg_len, seg_col, seg_wid, id_time, id_path, id_step, id_leaf

The two "coord" columns specify the locations of a point. The "id" columns uniquely identify each point: id_time specifies the generation, id_path identifies each segment, and id_step contains the three values (0, 1 or 2) for the points that define each segment. The segments consist of two end points (0 and 2) and one "control" point (1) that is used to define a Bezier curve.

The three "seg" columns provide summary information about each segment: seg_len is the length of the segment, seg_col is a value used to colour the segment, and seg_wid is a size parameter used to define the width of the segment